Digitimes: Micro-LEDs low aperture ratio makes them competitive for smart displays

Digitimes posted an interesting research note, in which they state that micro-LED displays may find it hard to compete with LCD and OLED displays as the market is approaching saturation.

Micro-LEDs have several advantages over other displays - high brightness, quick response time and the ability to create flexible and transparent displays (this is also true for OLEDs). However a major advantage for Micro LEDs is that the aperture ratio is only 10%, which means that there is a lot of empty space in a micro-LED display.

This empty space can be used to embed different sensors - right into the display. These so called "Smart Displays" can be used in wearables and mobile devices and be sued to measure the temperature or the air pollution particles, sense fingerprints and many other applications.

Posted: Sep 28,2017 by Ron Mertens