TCL demonstrates a new microLED AR smart glasses, the RayNeo X2

TCL announced and demonstrated its latest AR smart-glasses, the RayNeo X2, which features a full color microLED display engine.

We do not have any information on the microLED display, but other specifications include a Snapdragon XR2 chipset and a wearable ring controller. The RayNeo 2 will ship to developers in Q1 2023, and TCL hopes to launch it as a commercial product later on.


These are not TCL's first microLED-powered AR glasses prototypes. In 2022 the company announced the Leiniao AR smart glasses, which are based on color microLED displays, and back in 2021 TCL showed similar microLED glasses called the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition - which, we speculated, are based on JBD's monochrome 0.13" VGA microLED display engines.

Posted: Jan 08,2023 by Ron Mertens