The Korea Herald reports that Apple and its subsidiary LuxVue Technology applied for over 30 Micro-LED patents in Korea in the past 10 years. As Apple's Micro-LED project is progressing, the company aims to prevent its competitors in Korea (mainly Samsung and LGD) from using its key Micro-LED technology.

Luxvue MicroLED patent drawing

According to the report, Apple applied for 11 patents directly, while LuxVue applied for 23 patents. LuxVue was acquired by Apple in 2014. Apple applied for patents that related to the Micro-LED chip structure, the pick-and-place process and the driving system.

<--break->But Apple is not alone, of course. In the same 10 year period, Samsung applied for 48 patents (24 by Samsung Electronics, 24 by Samsung Display) while LG applied for 64 patents (29 by LG Electronics and 35 by LG Display). In total, 358 Micro-LED patents were filed in Korea in the past 10 years - 119 by large Korean corporations and 116 by foreign companies.