Market analysts at Yole Developpement say that microLED shipments will reach over 125 million panels by 2027. In their aggressive scenario, shipments will reach almost 450 million.

MicroLED panel shipments forecast (2021-2027, Yole)

Yole says that microLED technologies are advancing rapidly - and on all fronts, but there are still many challenges to overcome before mass production arrives. MicroLED makes a strong case for the AR, smartwatch and automotive market. For the smartphones and TV markets it is less clear whether MicroLEDs could succeed.

Yole also says that it estimates that microLED startups raised over $800 million to date - and Apple has invested between $1.5 to $2 billion on the technology in the last five years (this seems an extremely large amount for an R&D project before actual production commences).



Considering how much money

Considering how much money Samsung is investing in QD-OLED, I doubt they plan to mass produce microLED panels any time soon, maybe not even in 8 years.

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