According to Taiwan's Economic News Daily, PlayNitride and RiTDisplay are in talks with Apple to supply microLED displays for Apple's next-generation Watch wearable.

PlayNitride high-brightness high-density passive-matrix wearable Micro-LED prototype (SID 2019)

These are just rumors at this stage, but END says that PlayNitride confirms it is in talks with US customers regarding a 3" full-color Micro-LED display. This interesting as this is not a display we are used to see in most mobile devices - wearables are usually limited to around 1.5" while smartphones today start at around 6".

Apple has its own Micro-LED display project, which started when the company acquired LuxVue back in 2014. In early 2018 it was Bloomberg reported that Apple is progressing with its own Micro-LED development project, and has already managed to produce promising display samples. It also reported that Apple is collaborating with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company towards mass production of Micro-LED panels.

Apple Watch photo

But Apple seems to be looking for collaborations as well, and a possible tie-up with PlayNitride was reported as early as April 2018.

In May 2019 Taiwan-based PMOLED display maker RiT Display announced a strategic partnership and share swap with PlayNitride MicroLED developer. In June 2019 it was reported that a US-based smartwatch brand will start a design process in Q3 2019 using a 1.25" micro-LED display that was co-developed by RiTDisplay and PlayNitride. RiT will start shipping samples in Q4 2019. This display size makes much more sense.

In May 2019 PlayNitride demonstrated several new display prototypes, including a high-brightness wearable passive-matrix MicroLED, which you can see in the video below.