Will PlayNitride and RiTDisplay supply Apple with MicroLED displays for future Watch devices?

According to Taiwan's Economic News Daily, PlayNitride and RiTDisplay are in talks with Apple to supply microLED displays for Apple's next-generation Watch wearable.

These are just rumors at this stage, but END says that PlayNitride confirms it is in talks with US customers regarding a 3" full-color Micro-LED display. This interesting as this is not a display we are used to see in most mobile devices - wearables are usually limited to around 1.5" while smartphones today start at around 6".

Apple has its own Micro-LED display project, which started when the company acquired LuxVue back in 2014. In early 2018 it was Bloomberg reported that Apple is progressing with its own Micro-LED development project, and has already managed to produce promising display samples. It also reported that Apple is collaborating with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company towards mass production of Micro-LED panels.

Apple Watch photo

But Apple seems to be looking for collaborations as well, and a possible tie-up with PlayNitride was reported as early as April 2018.

In May 2019 Taiwan-based PMOLED display maker RiT Display announced a strategic partnership and share swap with PlayNitride MicroLED developer. In June 2019 it was reported that a US-based smartwatch brand will start a design process in Q3 2019 using a 1.25" micro-LED display that was co-developed by RiTDisplay and PlayNitride. RiT will start shipping samples in Q4 2019. This display size makes much more sense.

In May 2019 PlayNitride demonstrated several new display prototypes, including a high-brightness wearable passive-matrix MicroLED, which you can see in the video below.

Posted: Jul 23,2019 by Ron Mertens