Micro-LED microdisplay developer VueReal will start accepting orders for its first micro-LED display samples by June 2019. The company says that its patented self-aligned technology resulted in a robust and high yield microdisplay production process.

VueReal micro-led microdisplay prototype photo

VueReal says that it developed Micro-LED microdisplays that achieve a brightness of 100,000 nits and a density of over 30,000 PPI - breaking its own world record of 6,600 PPI set in 2017.

In October 2018 VueReal announced that it has raised $8.5 million and that it will build an advanced nano technology fabrication center in Waterloo, Canada - which will include an integrated pilot production system that will use the company's proprietary sub-10 micrometer, high-efficiency, solid printing process at commercial volumes.

In March 2018 VueReal announced the initial closing of its $10.5 million Series A funding round.



Sources of info

Can you provide the sources of this info, and possibly more details ?

It was PR by Vuereal - https

It was a PR by Vuereal.


I feel like this article is fake.  There is no way you can reach 30,000 ppi without a plutonium or a bolt of lightning.  How could these scientists be so careless.  I mean yea maybe in the future we can get plutonium at any local drugstore but here in 2019 its a little hard to come by

Grrreaaat SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrreaaat SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!