Samsung Electronics announced that it now offers its large-area tiled "consumer" microLED "The wall Luxury" displays globally. The model number of the Wall Luxury is IW008R, and it is based on 0.84 mm microLED pixels offering a 120Hz refresh rate, a peak brightness of 2,000 nits and a maximum brightness of 250 nits.

Samsung The Wall Luxury - IW008R

The Wall Luxury is configurable and customizable to a variety of sizes and ratios from 73-inches in 2K definition, 146-inches in 4K, to 292-inches in 8K. Each Wall "Tile" is 806.4 x 453.6 x 72.2 mm (WxHxD) in size, with a resolution of 960x540.

Samsung model number for The Wall Professional (which is the commercial/retail version) is IW008J - and these offer the same pixel size, but a lower peak brightness (1,600 nits) and a higher maximum brightness (500 nits).

It is not clear to us what Samsung refers to as a peak brightness and max brightness.



movie projector replacement

I cannot wait until I am able to replace my 110 inch movie screen / projector with a 4k or 8k microled screen that is under 10k dollars.

And I can't wait for this

And I can't wait for this technology to hit the PC desktop space as 27" to 32" monitors!

Jason, doubtful these will be

Jason, doubtful these will be affordable before 15-20 years. Currently millionaires only club at the current price and for the foreseeable future. Hopefully displays in the 100" range get into the $10k range or less by 2030.   


Good morning. I have a 165" 4k micro LED TV manufacturer direct for 23k , shoot me a email at ill send you some information with all the specs etc.. we have payment plans