Samsung installs a unique 4-sided 200 million pixel microLED display in Thailand's The Forestias

Samsung Electronics installed a large The Wall microLED display at Thailand's The Forestias by MQDC, the country's biggest property development project. The display, installed at The Forest Pavilion will provide a one-of-a-kind immersive cinematic experience for the sustainable project.

Samsung The Wall at The Forestias MQDC photo

The display, made from 384 modules, provide a 360-degree image with a total size of 38.7 x 3.62 meters and a resolution of 46,080x4320. That's around 200 million pixels and a total display area of 140.43 square meters.

MQDS says that "The Forestias is an Enchanted Community District in The Forest, where nature, animals, and people live together in a healthy, high-quality environment. This residential area also includes a business district, a 6-star boutique hotel, a community and family center, movie theaters, shops, restaurants, offices, a medical and healthcare center, an innovation center, a community area, a museum and learning center, and an extensive forest ecosystem.

Posted: Apr 01,2022 by Ron Mertens