Earlier this week Samsung unveiled its MicroLED TV, called The Wall. This is a modular display that is completely seamless. At CES Samsung unveiled a 146" 4K display, but according to this new video from Samsung the company will also offer it in customized sizes.

Samsung says that this is the world's first Modular TV. While modular displays are not new (Mitsubishi for example has a beautiful modular PMOLED display called Diamond Vision OLED) it seems that Samsung aims for this to be the world's first modular consumer display. It's not clear whether customers will be able to change the design.



Low pixel density

Modularity is a fantastic idea but the pixel density of these modules is too low. Using fewer modules you can build a 73" 1080p TV, but how far would you need to be sitting from such a TV to find it sharp enough?

For FHD, you can not see the

For FHD, you can not see the pixel dots when you sit at 3 times the height of the screen

That's 3 meters then, not too

That's 3 meters then, not too bad I guess..

Can't wait for this tech to come to computer monitors.