The MicroLED Association reports over 2000 downloads for its white papers

The MicroLED Association published its first white paper (LED Cost Analysis for MicroLED Smartwatch Displays) in January 2023, and has published two more white papers since.

The association is happy to announce that there have been over 2,200 downloads for its three whitepapers. MicroLEDs are considered to be the next generation display technology, and display professionals are looking for information and analysis regarding the latest microLED developments and technologies.


The LED Cost Analysis for MicroLED Smartwatch Displays white paper has so far been the most popular white paper of the three published ones, with almost a thousand downloads since its publication. You can download all three MIA white papers here.

Stay tuned for more white papers and updates from the MicroLED Industry Association in the near future!

Posted: Jun 05,2023 by Ron Mertens