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LG Display logoLG Display, based in Korea, is one of the world's largest display makers. LGD produces screens for TVs, laptops and mobile devices.

LG Display's high-end TV technology of choice is WRGB OLED, but the company announced in 2018 that it is also developing Micro-LED TV technology, and in 2020 the company launched its MAGNIT range of tiled MicroLED TVs.


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The latest LG MicroLED news:

LG to soon launch its first tiled microLED TV

LG Electronics will soon launch its first microLED TV. These are tiled TVs, made from seamlessly connected 640x360 tiles - these are similar TVs to what is available today from Samsung, Sony and Konka.

LG microLED TV - LSAB009 - photo

These new microLED TVs will likely target the commercial market and also ultra-premium residential installations - and will be LG's flagship TVs. LG will be selling these under its business solutions unit, and it seems as if it will start shipping in August 17, 2020.

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LG unveils its 173" Micro-LED TV at IFA 2018

As promised, LG unveiled its first Micro-LED TV prototype at IFA 2018, you can see the gigantic 173" TV in the video below.

LG indeed said that its first Micro-LED TV will indeed be larger than Samsung's 146-inch modular Wall. But Samsung's design is modular, and also Samsung seems to be more advanced as it started accepting pre-orders in June 2018 and will soon ship its Micro-LED TVs for commercial applications.

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Reports from Korea say that LG's first Micro-LED TV is on track for a September launch

In January 2018 Samsung unveiled its first Micro-LED TV, the 146-inch modular Wall, and started accepting pre-orders in June 2018. In February, Samsung's rival LG said that it is developing its own Micro-LED TV and it was rumored that it will unveil its first prototype in September 2018.

In a new report, the Korea Herald now claims that LG is indeed on track to reveal the first TV in September 2018 (at the IFA conference in Germany, which actually starts on August 31). LG's first TV will be larger than Samsung's demonstrated device at 175-inch. Samsung's TV however is modular, so it can be made larger. It is not clear whether LG's Micro-LED TV will have the same design.

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LG Display files for three new trademarks, XµLED, SµLED, and XLµLED, could be Micro-LED related

In early 2018 LG Display announced that it is developing Micro-LED displays, for large-area TVs at first. It is now revealed that LGD filed for three new trademarks in the EU, and all three seem to be related to microLEDs: XµLED, SµLED, and XLµLED.

In its filing, LGD says that these trademarks will primarily be used for smartphones, but the trademarks could also be applied to laptops, tablets, wearables and VR glasses. Interestingly LGD did not say it could be applied to TVs or large-area displays, which will probably be LGD's first Micro-LED application, so it's not really clear what these trademarks really mean.

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Apple, Samsung and LG filed dozens of Micro-LED patents in Korea

The Korea Herald reports that Apple and its subsidiary LuxVue Technology applied for over 30 Micro-LED patents in Korea in the past 10 years. As Apple's Micro-LED project is progressing, the company aims to prevent its competitors in Korea (mainly Samsung and LGD) from using its key Micro-LED technology.

Luxvue MicroLED patent drawing

According to the report, Apple applied for 11 patents directly, while LuxVue applied for 23 patents. LuxVue was acquired by Apple in 2014. Apple applied for patents that related to the Micro-LED chip structure, the pick-and-place process and the driving system.

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LG Display aims to demonstrate its first Micro-LED TV in September 2018, will be larger than Samsung's Wall

Following Samsung's unveiling of its 146" Micro-LED TV prototype, LG Display's CEO said in early 2018 that the company is also developing large-area Micro-LED technologies.

Samsung 146-inch Wall TV

According to Business Korea, LG Display aims to unveil its first Micro-LED TV in September (based on LG Innotek's Micro-LEDs). LGD's TV will be larger than Samsung's 146" Wall.

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LG Display: we are also developing large MicroLED TVs, but there are many challenges ahead

Following Samsung's unveiling of its 146" Micro-LED TV prototype, LG Display's CEO said that LGD is also developing Micro-LED technologies for large >150" panels.

LG Display sees several technical challenges ahead before it could launch such a display commercially - and it also has concerns regarding the production costs of huge MicroLED TVs. In the meantime the company is focused on its OLED TV technologies.

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