LG Electronics launches a 118-inch 4K MAGNIT MicroLED TV

LG Electronics launched a new MicroLED TV, the 118-inch 4K 120Hz LG MAGNIT (0.6 mm pixel pitch), targeting residential applications. Interestingly the brightenss is quite low, only 250 nits. The TV costs $237,000 - this is a highly expensive screen obviously targeting the top of the luxury TV market. 

The 118-inch TV is based on LG's webOS smart TV platform, and is powered by LG's Alpha 9 AI processor. It offers HDR10 and HDR10 Pro compatibility, AirPlay 2 and Miracast support, and integrated 50-watt speakers.


In September 2022, LG released a 136-inch 4K MicroLED TV, with a 0.7 mm pixel pitch. That 136-inch TV is much brighter, at 2000 nits. LG's previous generation MAGNIT TVs offered a pixel pitch of 0.9 mm.

Posted: Sep 08,2023 by Ron Mertens