LG details its direct-view miniLED and microLED TV range

In September 2020 LG launched its MAGNIT MicroLED TV range. The company did not give many details about potential prices and size options, until now.

LG DVLED concept microLED TV photo

So LG's MAGNIT TVs now sit within LG's DVLED Home Cinema Displays. DVLEDs are available in sizes ranging from 108-inch HD (2K) resolution to 325-inch 8K settings. The pixel-pitch of LG's TVs is either 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.2 mm. This gives LG's customers a wide range of sizes and resolutions, as can be seen below.

Potential sizes and resolutions of LG DVLED microLED TV

Note that LG is using microLEDs only in the 0.9 mm pixel pitch displays, which it brands as MAGNIT. The other DVLED uses larger LEDs (mini-LEDs).

LG does not detail the price of its MAGNIT TVs, except the biggest one - it will cost you $1.7 million for the 325" 8K MAGNIT (microLED) TV.

The MAGNIT TVs are made from 160x180 modules, arranged in 8-unit Cabinets (640x360 each). The MAGNIT offers a brightness of 600 nits (peak 1,200 nits) and feature LG's AI solution (based on its a7 image processor). LG says it uses a new advanced black coating technology that maximizes black levels and increase resistance to dust, humidly and finger marks.

Posted: Sep 16,2021 by Ron Mertens