InZiv launches an industrial-level high-speed wafer-level microLED inspection system

InZiv announced a new industrial-level microLED inspection system, called the REL. The company says that this new system provides unprecedented speed wafer-level EL testing of microLEDs. The REL system can rapidly obtain EL measurements on a microLED wafer, with up to 6 million LEDs in 1 hour.

The company's unique technology offers repeatable, high- accuracy measurements, with no damage to the device. The system is fully compatible with both vertical and flip-chip designs. InZiv says that the REL offers the most critical and reliable microLED inspection on the market, enabling the advancement of all microLED applications. The company is already working on its next-generation system, which will double the output.


InZiv explains that EL (electroluminescence) inspection provides the clearest indication of LED functionality, but current tools are only able to reach a small percentage of devices on a microLED wafer. The new REL system is the first tool to offer rapid testing so that EL testing can be performed on all epiwafer LEDs.

InZiv's CEO, David Lewis, was invited to give a talk at SID Display Week later this month. Dr. Lewis will discuss how microLED manufacturing can be enhanced with high-throughput EL inspection systems (lecture 12.4, May 23rd, 15:00-15:20). InZiv will also have a booth at the exhibition (booth number 230, 44B). The company welcomes all attendees to stop by the booth, or contact the company before to schedule a meeting

InZiv has been providing microLED testing and inspection tools since 2020, and already counts among its customers some of the world’s leading display and LED manufacturers across the globe.

Posted: May 09,2023 by Ron Mertens