Did Samsung launch its first Micro-LED TV branded as Active LED in India?

In July 2018 Samsung said it aims to launch its first "consumer" Micro-LED TV, based on its modular The Wall display in 2019. Yesterday Samsung launched a new home screen range in India - that could in fact be based on a Micro-LED display.

Samsung Active LED TV, India

The new TVs are branded as Active LEDs (also "LED for Home") and are based on modular LED tiles. The TVs are offered in 4 sizes - 110-inch (Full-HD), 130" (Full-HD), 220-inch (UHD/4K) and 260-inch (UHD/4K). The prices range from 10 million Rs (around $137,000) for the 110" to 35 million Rs ($480,000) for the 260-inch TV. As Active-LED TVs are modular, consumers can choose different shapes (but only one of the available resolutions/sizes).

Samsung LED for Home TV, India

Samsung "The Wall Professional" was launched in the US in June 2018 and although it did not reveal the price yet, it is expected to be at least $100,000 for the 146" model (which is less expensive than Active LEDs in India). The Wall is aimed towards signage and retail applications. Interestingly, Samsung said its consumer edition of The Wall will be called The Wall Luxury, but it could be that Active LEDs is the new brand (or it could be that this brand is unique to India).

While Samsung says the Wall is an Micro-LED TV, most people would actually call it a direct-emission Mini-LED TVs as the LED chips themselves are in the range of mini-LEDs and not micro-LEDs.

Yesterday we reported that Samsung aims to release a consumer 75" Micro-LED TV, based on a different technology and based on LED chips made by PlayNitride. These will only be released in 2019 - and will probably carry a much more reasonable price tag, although these will still be high premium TVs.

Posted: Sep 19,2018 by Ron Mertens