Bolite Optoelectronics launches a new laser-based side-wiring solution

Taiwan-based laser micromachining subsystem and equipment manufacturer Bolite Optoelectronics announced its new automated side-wiring system, the laser-based Bolite SW-L, which can be used for the production of tiled microLED displays.

Bolite SW-L system photo

This laser-based tool offers high-precision alignment, advanced process control, and full automation with robotic handling. The minimum line with and spacing is 5 um. Bolite says that this system is highly compatible with TFT production processes. The SW-L systems are now available, and Bolite is already accepting orders.




In 2021 we posted an interview with Bolite's founder and CEO, Dr. Bowen Cheng.

Posted: Feb 21,2022 by Ron Mertens