Anycubic launches a portable 3D printer based on JBD's microLED UVA display

3D printer producer Anycubic announced a new consumer-grade pocket-sized 3D Printer, that is based on a small UVA microLED display, produced by JBD.

The display is JBD's standard 0.13" VGA display, but one that emits UVA emission. JBD also developed a custom projector for this new application. The extremely small, yet bright, display module, enabled Anycubic to design an extremely small printer (which is about the size of a 550 cl beverage can). The printer will be able to print details as small as 10 µm due to the high pixel density (>6000PPI) of the microLED display. The energy consumption during operation is only 6W.

JBD’s durable light module will enable the MicroLED 3D Printer to work over 20000hours, highly extending the lifespan.

Anycubic will demonstrate the J1 printer at TCT Asia Exhibition later in August.

Posted: Aug 04,2022 by Ron Mertens