Reports from Korea say that LG's first Micro-LED TV is on track for a September launch

In January 2018 Samsung unveiled its first Micro-LED TV, the 146-inch modular Wall, and started accepting pre-orders in June 2018. In February, Samsung's rival LG said that it is developing its own Micro-LED TV and it was rumored that it will unveil its first prototype in September 2018.

In a new report, the Korea Herald now claims that LG is indeed on track to reveal the first TV in September 2018 (at the IFA conference in Germany, which actually starts on August 31). LG's first TV will be larger than Samsung's demonstrated device at 175-inch. Samsung's TV however is modular, so it can be made larger. It is not clear whether LG's Micro-LED TV will have the same design.

LG's TV will also be thinner than Samsung's TV - which is quite thick at 80 mm. LG will focus on commercial application - as the TV will be too expensive for the consumer market. Samsung is working on a consumer version of The Wall (which will be called The Wall Luxury) that will be lower in cost and thinner at 30 mm. LG has a very good position in the premium TV market with its OLED TV technology, which means that it probably in less of a hurry to release a consumer Micro-LED TV.

Posted: Aug 19,2018 by Ron Mertens