Porotech developed the world's first native InGaN red microLED microdisplay

Porous-GaN material platform developer Porotech announced that it has created the world's first microLED microdisplay based on a native red InGaN LED. The microdisplay is a 0.55" diagonal panel with a resolution of 960x540.

Porotech red InGaN microLED microdisplay prototype (2021)

Porotech says that its native InGaN red LEDs will offer higher efficiency than currently-used AlInGaP red LEDs. Developing an RGB microdisplay all from InGaN chips will also offer easier driving and process design.

Earlier this year, Porotech announced a partnership with JBD for the supply of porous gallium nitride (GaN) epiwafers. In 2021, Porotech also raised £3 million.


Posted: Oct 19,2021 by Ron Mertens