n-Tech sees a very bright future for Micro-LED displays, starting in 2019

n-tech Research says that the Micro-LED market will emerge in 2019, with sales reaching $2.7 billion. The market will grow very quickly to reach over $70 billion in 2027.

MicroLED display market forecast (2018-2027, n-Tech)

n-Tech says that the immediate markets for Micro-LED displays will be near-eye displays (AR/VR), automotive HUDs and projectors - as these will benefit mostly from the small size, low weight, high brightness and high resolution of Micro-LED displays. Wearables (smartwatches) is another lucrative market (n-Tech sees $1.6 billion in smartwatch Micro-LED display sales in 2022).

Another interesting market, with fast expected growth, is extra-large displays - such as video walls, cinema displays, signage and home theaters. The linear scalability of micro-LED displays will greatly benefit these markets.

n-Tech notes that Micro-LEDs will find it difficult to penetrate some important display markets - such as smartphone displays, tablets and TVs. LCD and OLEDs will continue to dominate these markets.

It is great to see n-Tech so optimistic on the Micro-LED display market. It is quite difficult to believe though that the market will be able to grow from practically zero to $2.7 billion within one year. Most analysts believe it will take around 3 years for Micro-LED displays to actually reach real commercialization. Of course the actual definition of a Micro-LED display is a bit fuzzy. n-Tech for example considers Samsung's "The Wall" as a micro-LED display (that's how Samsung markets it as well) although some analysts consider it an emissive mini-LED display.

Most importantly, it seems that n-Tech also considers mini-LED backlighting for LCDs as a micro-LED display, see the segmentation chart below. It seems that the company also believes smartwatch micro-LED displays will generate $350 million in 2019, this also seems to be highly optimistic. It is likely that n-Tech believes that Apple will switch to micro-LED displays in all of its 2019 Watch devices.

Micro-LED market segmentation (2019, n-Tech)

Posted: Jul 18,2018 by Ron Mertens


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Ron, As always, thank your for mentioning us.  I did want to raise an issue here.  Your comments about our numbers indicated that you seem to think we are talking about displays only when in fact, we have included other areas beyond simply displays and that was specifically mentioned in the release.  I am cognizant of the problems that industry analysts create for the market with high numbers and you are certainly welcome to cast a skeptical eye on our findings but the data should be presented accurately in order for a reader to not get the wrong notion of what we are actually talking about.  Thanks again 

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