LG to soon launch its first tiled microLED TV

LG Electronics will soon launch its first microLED TV. These are tiled TVs, made from seamlessly connected 640x360 tiles - these are similar TVs to what is available today from Samsung, Sony and Konka.

LG microLED TV - LSAB009 - photo

These new microLED TVs will likely target the commercial market and also ultra-premium residential installations - and will be LG's flagship TVs. LG will be selling these under its business solutions unit, and it seems as if it will start shipping in August 17, 2020.




LG is referring to these TVs as LSAB009, P0.9 (the pixel pitch is 0.9 mm). The TVs offer a typical brightness of 600 nits (Peak 1,200 nits), and the company says the TVs offer super-low reflection and can support wireless data transfer and "cable-less" power docking. Each tile offers a resolution of 640x360.

LG LSAB009 single tile photo

A 4K configuration will be 163" in size. This is larger than Samsung's microLEDs (146-inches in 4K) and Konka's 118" 4K TVs.

Posted: Jul 25,2020 by Ron Mertens