Foxconn reportedly cancels its microLED display project

A few months ago we reported that Taiwan-based Foxconn is increasing its Micro-LED involvement, but now a new report from Taiwan says that the company canceled its microLED R&D project as it aims to improve its profitability.

Foxconn production line photo

Foxconn had an internal team that aimed to develop microLED displays for smartwatches and smartphones. Foxconn stopped the funding, and the team failed to find outside financing and so had to disband.

This is a surprise as only a few months ago Foxconn was reportedly bullish on its microLED project, had commented that it may produce such displays in the US in the future and also asked three of its subsidiaries to push forward with Micro-LED development - Advanced Optoelectronic Technology (AOT) Epileds Technologies and Marktech. In 2018 Foxconn acquired US-based micro-LED assembly process developer eLux and also acquired a 7.32% stake in Taiwan-based LED developer and producer Epileds Technologies specifically with an aim to get access to Epileds' Micro-LED technologies.

Posted: Sep 24,2019 by Ron Mertens