Eric Virey to discuss microLEDs success potential in high-volume applications at our upcoming MicroLED Connect event later this month

The first MicroLED Connect virtual event is coming up later this month, a 2-day virtual event that will be focused on microLED (and also miniLED) technologies. The event will include over 25 lectures from leading companies, researchers and market analysts. 

Eric Virey, a senior display analyst from the Yole Group, will give a talk discussing the opportunities for microLED technologies at high-volume applications - such as TVs, smartphones, wearables and IT displays. Yole's research on microLEDs is highly regarded, and we're looking forward to hearing Eric's latest analysis and insights. 


Some of the highlight's of the talk will be a discussion into different market segments, and the advantages of microLEDs compared to OLED solutions, the challenges of competing with OLEDs which is still advancing at a rapid rate and so represents a moving target, and a cost analysis of microLED displays and production to look at the feasibility of the drastic cost reduction needed to compete in high volume markets.

You can view the complete agenda of the MicroLED Connect virtual November event here. MicroLED Connect is a year-long hybrid microLED-focused event series, which include several online events and a flagship MicroLED display conference, taking place in Europe in 2024 (Eindhoven, September 24-26). MicroLED Connect is organized by TechBlick, MicroLED-Info and the MicroLED Industry Association. Register now and enjoy our early bird pricing for all tickets and exhibition/sponsorship packages. Contact us for more details!

Posted: Nov 07,2023 by Ron Mertens