Recent updates from MicroLED-Info, towards 2024

With summer nearing its end and the new year right around the corner, we thought a few updates were in order! It's been a busy year at MicroLED-Info.

MicroLED Association banner

In 2022, we launched the MicroLED Industry Association, to serve as an international industry forum to promote microLED technologies and collaboration. The association closed a successful first year, growing to over 40 companies, including leading microLED developers, supply chain companies, researchers, and more. We have organized 11 webinars and meetups, published four white papers and the microLED Library - and conducted our first onsite meeting during Display Week 2023.

We have exciting plans for the second year of the MicroLED Association, including two onsite meetings (one in Europe, and one in the US), the publication of our first roadmap, and a drafting of suggested practices as part of a first industry standards document.

MicroLED Library covers

If you are looking to learn about the latest microLED technologies, connect with leading developers and help shape the future of our industry, you should consider joining the MicroLED Industry Association!

We are also excited to announce a new MicroLED Industry event series, a combination of an online (virtual) year-long program and an on-site event (in-person) in Eindhoven in September 2024. MicroLED-Connect is the world's first microLED-focused event, and a great year-round opportunity to connect with the industry, learn the latest updates, and meet in person.

MicroLED Connect banner

MicroLED-Connect will bring together leading researchers (academia and R&D institutes) and developers. We are building an excellent agenda, that will include lectures about technical topics, broad views into the industry and markets, the latest research activities and more. We hope participating in our events will help professionals understand the current state of the industry, understand the roadmaps and future aspects, and learn the latest technology advancements. 

In addition to the lectures and education opportunities, our onsite event in Eindhoven will have a big emphasis on networking and there will be excellent ways to connect with fellow professionals, investors, and researchers.

We are now offering exciting early bird discounts for sponsors and exhibitors, that will receive benefits during the year on our online platforms (events plus the MicroLED-Info portal), speaking opportunities and a table-top exhibition offer at the flagship Eindhoven event.

Posted: Sep 19,2023 by Ron Mertens