Mojo Vision developed a full-color microLED microdisplay prototype

MicroLED microdisplay developer Mojo Vision announced that it has integrated red, green and blue sub-pixels into a single panel, thus producing its first full-color microdisplay.

Mojo Vision's prototype is based on the company's own high-performance QD materials, and integration process. The prototype display is based on 1.3 um blue LEDs. 


Mojo Vision, a MicroLED Industry Association member, developed microLED microdisplay technologies for the AR market, and the company developed the world's highest density displays and smallest microLED devices - up to 28,000 PPI using sub-micron LEDs. Mojo Vision recently announced that it has lit-up its first 300 mm GaN-on-Silicon blue microLED array wafer. The company says it is on track to maturing its 300 mm CMOS fab process.

In June 2023, Mojo Vsion announced that it has developed the world's highest-density (1.87 um pixel pitch) red (620 nm) microLED microdisplay. Mojo produced a first working prototype of its display, that is based on 1.37 um blue LEDs with QD color conversion.

Mojo Vision 1.89-um pixel pitch red microLED microdisplay prototype

Mojo Vision started as a smart contact lens developer, that raised over $200 million to develop its technologies, including the microLED technologies its solution required. In 2023, the company laid of most of its employees, decelerated the contact lens development and focused almost entirely on its microLED microdisplay technologies. The company successfully pivoted to microdisplay technologies and managed to close a $43.5 million series A investment round that will enable it to accelerate its R&D and bring its technology to market. 

Posted: Jan 10,2024 by Ron Mertens