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Last updated on Sun 31/12/2023 - 15:35
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Mojo Vision logoUS-based Mojo Vision started out in 2015 to develop a novel AR contact lens solution. The company raised over $200 million to date (from HP, LG, Google, Dolby and others) and as part of the contact lens project developed its own microLED technology. In 2019, Mojo Vision announced that it developed a 14,000 sub-pixel PPI monochrome green microLED microdisplay. 

In later years Mojo decided to pivot and focus almost exclusively on its microLED technology, and the company is now aiming supply microLED microdisplays for AR applications. The company developed the world's highest density displays and smallest microLED devices - up to 28,000 PPI using sub-micron LEDs. Mojo Vision’s microLED displays are based on blue LEDs with QD color conversation (the company developed its own QD technology and materials) The company says it is on track to maturing its 300 mm CMOS fab process.

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Saratoga, CA 95070
United States