The MicroLED Industry Association to host two topical technology webinars, focused on QDs and ITRI

The MicroLED Industry Association announced two new topical webinars, private events for association members. This is in addition to the upcoming Perovskite webinar and AR webinar.

The first webinar is focused on quantum dots (QD) technologies. In this webinar, we hope to learn more about the state-of-the-art QD and color conversion R&D, with a focus of course on applications in the microLED industry. The event will take place on March 6th, and here's the agenda:

  • Prof. Dmitri V. Talapin: world-leading QD researcher from the University of Chicago, who will update on the latest QA research
  • Nanosys: leading QD developer (speaker TBD)
  • GE: "Phosphor converted miniLEDs and microLEDs based displays" (MicroLED Association member)
  • QustomDot: "InP-based quantum dots for color conversion in microLED applications" (MicroLED Association member)

The second webinar is focused on the latest microLED research at Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). ITRI hosts some of the world's leading microLED researchers and the institute and in recent years the institute demonstrated novel microLED technologies together with industrial partners. The event will take place on April 25th and will include two lectures by ITRI microLED researchers, and two lectures by MicroLED Association members (specific agenda will be announced soon)

The MicroLED Industry Association was established with an aim to speak in a unified voice and promote microLED display solutions. The association works to improve communication, collaboration and partnerships within its members and assist its members in reaching their marketing and development goals. The association currently lists 31 members, including LG Electronics, 3M, GE, ams-osram, PlayNitride, the Fraunhofer Institute (IZM and FEP), Coherent, Lextar/Epistar and more.

Posted: Jan 21,2023 by Ron Mertens