LG Display: we are also developing large MicroLED TVs, but there are many challenges ahead

Following Samsung's unveiling of its 146" Micro-LED TV prototype, LG Display's CEO said that LGD is also developing Micro-LED technologies for large >150" panels.

LG Display sees several technical challenges ahead before it could launch such a display commercially - and it also has concerns regarding the production costs of huge MicroLED TVs. In the meantime the company is focused on its OLED TV technologies.

A 4K panel requires almost 25 million unique LEDs, and LGD's CTO estimates that even if the company could get the price down to 1 won (1/10 US cent) the price of the LEDs alone in a 4K micro-LED TV will reach almost $25,000. It is highly likely that Samsung, who hopes to ship its 145" MicroLED display in 2018, will be able to produce it at a much lower price, though.

Posted: Jan 10,2018 by Ron Mertens