LG Display: we are also developing large MicroLED TVs, but there are many challenges ahead

Following Samsung's unveiling of its 146" Micro-LED TV prototype, LG Display's CEO said that LGD is also developing Micro-LED technologies for large >150" panels.

LG Display sees several technical challenges ahead before it could launch such a display commercially - and it also has concerns regarding the production costs of huge MicroLED TVs. In the meantime the company is focused on its OLED TV technologies.

A 4K panel requires almost 25 million unique LEDs, and LGD's CTO estimates that even if the company could get the price down to 1 won (1/10 US cent) the price of the LEDs alone in a 4K micro-LED TV will reach almost $25,000. It is highly likely that Samsung, who hopes to ship its 145" MicroLED display in 2018, will be able to produce it at a much lower price, though.

Posted: Jan 10,2018 by Ron Mertens


Mark (not verified)

The figures in this article are all wrong.  Firstly, one South Korean won is worth roughly one tenth of a cent, rather than the one hundredth of a cent stated in the article (the current exchange rate is 0.000936227).  Secondly, the total for the LEDs is wrong.  If they got one LED down to 1won the actual price of the LEDs in a 4K display would be 24883200 * 0.000936227 = $23,296.

While the numbers are wrong, the article is an interesting eye opener.  Even if they get the LED price down to one tenth of a won (one hundredth of a cent) then we'd still be looking at $2,329 for the LEDs.  I'd become quite excited about Micro-LED displays, but a $1000 Micro-LED monitor might be unfeasible, or at least some considerable time away.  Emissive quantum dot displays might even come sooner.

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Ron Mertens

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Thanks for pointing out my mistake, indeed it is 1/10 cents and $25,000...


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Mark (not verified)

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And the premise that Samsung can somehow get costs down is, well, false.

They cannot magically conjure LEDs, whether or not Hermione is nearby.

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junho kim (not verified)

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In my calculation, 4096 x 2160 x 3 (RGB) = ‭26,542,080.

If you implement UHD resolution, 3840 x 2160 x 3 (RGB) = ‭24,883,200‬.

Seoul Semiconductor has developed a micro-LED that implements RGB with one LED.

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