Just Video Wall launches a microLED TV design tool to assist potential customers

Just Video Wall, a system integrator that focuses entirely on microLED displays, has launched a MicroLED TV design tool that aims to make the MicroLED quoting process easier. 

The company says that their patent-pending design tool enables custom display professionals to enter the MicroLED space by starting with the project parameters, not the product lines or individual specs. The system presents the best range of possible options, based on a questionnaire derived from years of experience in installation and application.


Tiled MicroLED displays offer a limitless range of sizes and JVW's approach for customer assistance is intended to solve these problems with a simplified process that can fit a space or design to a size and/or aspect ratio. 

Just Video Walls is currently accepting applications for the beta program for their project design tool.

Posted: Sep 29,2023 by Ron Mertens