C SEED announces a more affordable foldable microLED TV, still costs $150,000

Last year Austria-based C Seed released a high-end microLED TV, the $400,000 165" 4K C SEED M1, which has a unique foldable design, which makes use of seven large MicroLED panels that can be folded and inserted into the floor. The company now announced a smaller and more affordable microLED TV, the N1.

The N1 has a 103" 4K microLED panel, and it also is foldable, but it does not fold into the floor, but remains above the floor when not in use. The N1 costs $190,000 so this is still extraordinarily expensive. The N1 will also be offered in 137" and 165".

Posted: Jul 14,2022 by Ron Mertens