The OLED Handbook, 2023 edition

We are happy to announce the new edition of The OLED Handbook, the most comprehensive resource on OLED technology, industry and market - now updated for 2023. OLED technologies have successfully been adopted in smartphones, wearables, TVs, AR/VR and more - and our new handbook covers all the information that you'll need to fully understand where the OLED industry (and the display industry in general) is going next.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • OLED technology and materials and production processes
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD displays
  • OLED TVs, foldable, rollable and transparent OLEDs
  • The OLED lighting industry
  • The future of OLED displays and the challenges ahead

The book also provides:

  • A history of OLED development
  • A guide to OLED investment
  • A comprehensive list of OLED companies
  • A list of existing and planned AMOLED fabs
  • An introduction to quantum dots, micro-LEDs and e-paper displays

The OLED handbook has been read by hundreds of display engineers, business developers, researchers, equipment vendors, OLED material companies, private investors and others who wished to learn more about OLEDs today and in the future. I truly believe that it is the best introduction to OLED displays and lighting!

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DSCC: LGD to build a microLED backplane production line for Apple, will be ready by the end of 2024

Apple's involvement in the microLED display market is not a secret, and rumors over the years suggested that the company's first microLED display will be adopted in a smartwatch project.A couple of weeks ago we heard estimates that Apple is working to produce a 2.1" microLED display, to be adopted in the next Watch Ultra device, due in late 2023 or (more likely in 2024).

Apple Watch Series 8 photo

DSCC's Ross Young gives an update today, saying that according to his information, LG Display is building a small production line that will make microLED backplanes for Apple. The line will begin operation in the second half of 2024, which means that the watch device itself will be released in 2025. This timeline makes more sense than an early launch in 2023.

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Samsung Display looks to commercialize smartwatch microLED displays by the end of 2023

ETNews says that Samsung Display has launched a new project to develop microLED displays for smart watch applications. The company setup a new development team, with a goal to commercialize this technology and move it beyond its current R&D stage.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 photo

Samsung's plan, it seems, is to complete the development by the end of 2023, and then look into mass production, aiming to supply such displays to Tier-1 wearable makers such as Apple and Samsung Electronics.

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Korea may designate microLED display technology as a national strategic technology

There are reports from Korea that say that the Korean Government is considering designating microLED display technology as a "national strategic technology", which means that companies will be given tax benefits, to encourage further investments and R&D.

According to the reports, next week the government will unveil a new draft tax law next week that will also include OLEDs and quantum dot displays as strategic technologies.

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The MicroLED Association reaches 30 members, welcomes 3M, UCSB and Fraunfhofer

The MicroLED Industry Association (MIA) continues to grow and welcome new members from across the MicroLED industry. The MIA offers its members a chance to be a part of a unique community and enjoy resources like participation in white papers, online meetings, webinars, and much more. 

Some of the latest members of the MIA include 3M, University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Fraunhofer FEP, and here is what they have to say:

Minbeom Seo, 3M's Display Materials Business Development & Strategy manager said : "3M joins the MicroLED Industry Association to solve big problems in microLED display technology and market. We believe we can come up with innovative microLED solutions through collaboration with 3M science and world class partners".

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Sundiode and Soft-EPI successfully grew a monolithic all-InGaN stacked-RGB LED structure

Stacked-RGB microLED microdisplay developed Sundiode announced that it has achieved the successful growth of a monolithic, all-InGaN RGB LED structure on a single sapphire wafer. This structure was developed in collaboration with Soft-EPI.

Sundiode's epitaxial technology enables stacked-RGB LEDs with multiple junctions, capable of emitting RGB colors independently. This structure makes it easier to produce ultra-high density microdisplays.

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A spotlight on Unikorn: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Unikorn is a professional III-V compound semiconductor foundry that was spun-off from Epistar and now is a part of Ennostar. Unikorn focuses on epitaxy and wafer/chip processing.

Q: Can you introduce your company and technology?

Unikorn Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary of Ennostar Inc., is a professional compound semiconductor foundry located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and focuses on epitaxy and wafer/chip processing by providing corresponding process parameters and production platforms that meet customers’ unique specifications and technology requirements. Not only does Unikorn offer customers our professional and quality manufacturing service on lead time, yield and customized designs, but it also ensures the protection of intellectual properties, process recipes, and structural designs of our customers with the strictest standards.

With the development of new technologies and applications, markets grow rapidly. Unikorn has the proven ability to provide comprehensive foundry services that meets these booming applications.

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The Perovskite Handbook - 2023 edition

MicroLED-Info and Perovskite-Info are happy to announce the 2023 edition of The Perovskite Handbook. This book is a comprehensive guide to perovskite materials, applications and industry, and it is now updated to January 2023 and lists recent developments and new companies, initiatives and research activities.

Perovskites are an exciting class of materials that feature a myriad of exciting properties. Perovskites are now entering the display market, with applications in quantum dots, LEDs, lasers and more.

The Perovskite Handbook

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • Different perovskite materials, their properties and structure
  • How perovskites can be made, tuned and used
  • What kinds of applications perovskites are suitable for
  • Perovskites Quantum Dots
  • Perovskite solar cells, their merits and challenges
  • Perovskites-based LEDs
  • The state of the perovskite market, potential and future

The book also provides: a history of perovskite research, a guide to perovskite companies and developers, information on leading collaboration and development projects, a comprehensive list of perovskite companies and much more!

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TCL demonstrates a new microLED AR smart glasses, the RayNeo X2

TCL announced and demonstrated its latest AR smart-glasses, the RayNeo X2, which features a full color microLED display engine.

We do not have any information on the microLED display, but other specifications include a Snapdragon XR2 chipset and a wearable ring controller. The RayNeo 2 will ship to developers in Q1 2023, and TCL hopes to launch it as a commercial product later on.

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