A new report by Nikkei Asia details Apple's microLED production plans

Apple's microLED projects and goals have been reported and rumored many times in the past, and now the respected Nikkei Asia newspaper posted an interesting article with new details of Apple's microLED plans. Some parts of this plan were already published by other reporters, note.

Apple Watch Series 8 photo

According to the new report, Apple is aiming to get more involved in display manufacturing, to increase its control over its supply chain, and reduce its reliance on Samsung Display specifically. Apple has decided, therefore, to handle the LED transfer (pick-and-place) process by itself, at its R&D facilities in Longtan, Taoyuan, Taiwan. 

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Don't miss the upcoming webinar on the revolutionary microLED technology made accessible via EU-Project SMILE

Germany-based QubeDot, developer and producer of microLEDs and microLED-solutions, will be hosting an online seminar as part of the SMILE EU project. The webinar will be held on June 13th, 14:00-15:30 PM (CEST).

The revolutionary microLED platform SMILE has been developed as part of an EU-funded project that relied on a collaboration between several outstanding partners from Europe. SMILE stands for “Structured Micro Illumination Light Engine” and will enable an enormous variety of novel applications in the future. With full scalability in terms of pixel numbers, fast switching speed of freely programmable optical patterns, high optical power, multiple wavelengths, and the possibility of mass production, SMILE is the next generation of lighting technology. SMILE technology is addressing quickly increasing markets and applications such as AR glasses, photonic sensors, image projection, chip- based holographic microscopy and several more.

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Q-Pixel announces a 5000 PPI microLED microdisplay based on its color-tunable single-pixel technology

US-based Q-Pixel announced that it has developed a 5000 PPI full-color microLED microdisplay, based on its proprietary Polychromatic microLED technology.

Q-Pixel's technology enables a single-pixel color-tunable microLED device. The displays are produced using a monolithic process. As the company is still in stealth-mode, we do not have more information, it will be interesting to know how this technology compares to Porotech's DPT color-tunable microLED technology.

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Porotech demonstrates a 0.26" 1280x720 monolithic DPT full-color microLED microdisplay

Porous-GaN material platform developer Porotech has developed a single-panel full color MicroLED microdisplay, based on its Dynamic Pixel Tuning technology. The display is 0.26" in size, with a resolution of 1280x720.

The display is produced using a monolithic process, with a single LED epitaxial growth and a single-step wafer-to-wafer bonding to the CMOS backplane. The company says that the process is simple and that it offers high yields.

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MicroLED-Info publishes a new edition of its Graphene for Displays and Lighting Market Report

Today we published a new edition of our Graphene for Displays and Lighting Market Report, with all the latest information. Graphene has high potential to improve OLED and MicroLED displays and can be used to enhance displays backplanes, electrodes, emitters and more. In addition graphene can increase efficiency in OLED lighting devices and improve designs.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • Graphene applications in LED and OLED lighting
  • Graphene's adoption as a backplane for AMOLEDs
  • Transparent graphene electrodes
  • Graphene-based encapsulation development

The report package also provides:

  • Graphene companies involved with display and lighting
  • An introduction to graphene
  • An introduction to lighting and displays
  • Details about graphene for QDs, lasers and thermal foils

This market report provides a great introduction to graphene solutions for the display and lighting markets, and covers everything you need to know about graphene technologies in these niches. This is a great guide for anyone involved with the displays and lighting.

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A new version of our Transparent MicroLED and OLED Market report released

Today we published a new edition of our Transparent MicroLED and OLED Market Report, with all the latest information and updates from this interesting upcoming industry and market.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • Transparent OLED and MicroLED properties and advantages
  • The transparent OLED and MicroLED industry
  • What kind of transparent OLEDs are currently on the market
  • The transparent OLED lighting market

The report package also provides:

  • Transparent OLED display product listing
  • A guide into buying transparent OLEDs
  • The main challenges towards transparent displays
  • Free updates for a year

This transparent displays market report provides a great introduction to transparent OLED and MicroLED technologies and covers everything you need to know about the market and industry now and in the future. This is a great guide for anyone who's thinking about adopting transparent displays in their products or that wants to understand this industry and market throughout.

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Aledia, DELO, GE and Smartkem join the MicroLED Industry Association

The MicroLED Industry Association (MIA) welcomes new members GE, Smartkem, DELO and Aledia, joining over 30 existing members (including large corporations, startup companies, research institutes and more). The MIA aims to accelerate the adoption of microLED display technologies, bringing together companies, researchers and organizations active in the MicroLED industry and providing an ideal forum for solving common technology issues, fostering cooperation and sharing relevant information, resources and tools.

The recently joined members commented:

"Aledia joins the MicroLED Industry Association to help promote microLED display technologies and to contribute to solving main roadblocks that slow down the move, including re-thinking displays architectures and concepts".

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InZiv launches an industrial-level high-speed wafer-level microLED inspection system

InZiv announced a new industrial-level microLED inspection system, called the REL. The company says that this new system provides unprecedented speed wafer-level EL testing of microLEDs. The REL system can rapidly obtain EL measurements on a microLED wafer, with up to 6 million LEDs in 1 hour.

The company's unique technology offers repeatable, high- accuracy measurements, with no damage to the device. The system is fully compatible with both vertical and flip-chip designs. InZiv says that the REL offers the most critical and reliable microLED inspection on the market, enabling the advancement of all microLED applications. The company is already working on its next-generation system, which will double the output.

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The MicroLED Industry Association launches The MicroLED Library

The MicroLED Industry Association (MIA), a cross-industry association created to accelerate the adoption of microLED display technologies and facilitate collaborations between companies in the MicroLED industry, is proud to announce The MicroLED Library.

This new platform is an extensive compilation of MicroLED datasheets, presentations, whitepapers and more. To date, it already curates content from various companies (including GE, Terecircuits, Radiant Vision Systems, CEA-Leti, eLux and more), some of which is available in several languages, and includes the MIA's own whitepapers.

The MicroLED Library is public and free for everyone to use. It will be continuously updated in order to remain a valuable resource for MicroLED information. You can access it here!

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