Omdia: the MicroLED market will reach $7 billion in sales in 2025

Omdia published a very interesting article, detailing the company's view on the microLED market - including its latest market forecast

MicroLED display shipment by application forecast (2020-2027, Omdia)

Omdia sees 5 million microLED display shipping in 2025, which the company says will generate $7 billion in revenues. In 2027, the market will grow to over 11 million units. Omdia lowered its forecast from 2020 (back then it projected 16 million display shipments in 2027).




It is not a surprise, but Omdia sees the main markets for microLED displays in wearables, near-eye applications (mostly AR/VR) and TVs.

The main problem in the microLED market is the high cost of production. Omdia says that this high cost is due to the complicated manufacturing process, the non-standardized process and equipment, the multiple participants of the supply chain, and the immature and unstable yield management and output.

Omdia estimates that investments (capex) in the microLED industry will reach $8 billion from 2020 to 2025. $3.2 billion is for microLED epiwafers and $4.8 billion if for micro-LED transfer, modulization, and set assembly.

Posted: May 09,2021 by Ron Mertens