The MicroLED Industry Association to host a microLED market and industry webinar

On December 5th the MicroLED Industry Association will host a private webinar focused on the microLED market and industry. During this webinar, we will hear from market analysts that cover the display industry and microLEDs specifically, to hear their views about the current state of the market and industry, and their forecasts for the future.

The webinar will feature three world-leading speakers, and will also be open to a Q&A session.

  • Eric Virey, Senior Industry Analyst at Yole Developpement
  • Guillaume Chansin,  Director of Display Research at DSCC
  • Ian Hendy, FPD display strategy consultant and expert

The MicroLED Industry Association was established in 2022 with an aim to speak in a unified voice and promote microLED display solutions. The association works to improve communication, collaboration and partnerships within association members and assist its members in reaching their marketing and development goals. The association currently lists 42 members, including LG Electronics, 3M, GE, ams-Osram, the Fraunhofer Institute (IZM and FEP), ITRI, UCSB, Coherent, Lextar/Epistar and many more.

Posted: Aug 01,2023 by Ron Mertens