Avantama and Scrona collaborate to show how perovskite QDs can be inkjet printed on microLEDs using EHD

Scrona, developer of high-precision electrohydrodynamic (EHD) inkjet print heads joined forces with Avantama, developer and manufacturer of high-tech materials for electronics, and have successfully processed high-performance perovskite quantum dot (QD) ink using Scrona's EHD inkjet printing. 

The two companies specifically target microLED displays with this development, as depositing QDs on microLEDs requires extremely high precision. They have demonstrated that an OD greater than 1 can be obtained with a perovskite QD layer thickness below 2µm. This can reduce the printhead nozzle count by a factor of five (compared to current non-EHD inkjet solutions) and deliver a thin QD layer that improves the overall efficiency and production tact time of MicroLED display technology.

Posted: Jan 25,2024 by Ron Mertens