October 2018

Nitride Semiconductors establishes a new company to develop UV LED based micro-LED display technologies

Japan-based UV LED producer Nitride Semiconductors has established a new 100%-owned subsidiary, called Micro Nitride, to develop micro UV LED chips for Micro-LED displays.

Nitride Semiconductors invested 100 million Yen (around $3.3 million USD) in the new company, that aims to develop its own μUV-LED+RGB phosphor technology - which uses UV micro-LEDs and RGB phosphors to create full color Micro-LED displays.

Read the full story Posted: Oct 31,2018

VueReal raised $8.5 million, to build an advanced fabrication center in Canada

Micro-LED microdisplay developer VueReal announced that it has raised $8.5 million from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) that will be used to further develop its technology. VueReal will also build an advanced nano technology fabrication center in Waterloo, Canada, in partnership with Angstrom - a Canadian-based PVD and CVD equipment maker.

VueReal micro-led microdisplay prototype photo

VueReal says that its next step is to build an integrated pilot production system that will use the company's proprietary sub-10 micrometer, high-efficiency, Solid Printing process at commercial volumes. The company will also work to enhance the performance of its Micro-LED microdisplays.

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