Mini- & Micro-LED Displays: Markets, Manufacturing Innovations, Applications, Promising Start-ups

Mini- & Micro-LED Displays: Markets, Manufacturing Innovations, Applications, Promising Start-ups

Co-Located with:

Quantum Dots: Material Innovations & Commercial Applications


30 November - 1 December 2022


This is the first ever dedicated specialist mini- and micro-LED event organized by TechBlick and supported by MicroLED Association and The event is co-located with a full conference on quantum dots with an emphasis on display, color conversation, and NIR/SWIR application. This interactive world-class online event takes place online on 30 Nov-1 Dec 2022 covering the full spectrum of technological and market developments in the field.


Topics Covered: Market Analysis and Forecasts | microLED | GaN uLED on Si wafers | Laser-Based Transfer Technologies | Pick and Place | Innovative Transfer Technologies | Stretchable MicroLEDs | MicroLEDs on CMOS | NIR SWIR QD-CMOS sensors  | QD-OLED | QD-LCD | microTransfer Printing | Electrohydrodynamic Printing | Quantum Dots | Color Conversation | Nanoimprinting | Nanowire LEDs | Microbumps | Massive Parallel Transfer | Perovskite Quantum Dots | red ultra-small GaN microLEDs | AR/VR | Silicon Display | OTFTs | Microdispensing | Tiling | Repair and Inspection | Start Ups | Manufacturing | Scale Up

Speakers & Exhibitors Include

And many more...




30 November


01:00pm - Samsung | The Progress of Advanced QD Technology in Next Generation Display
01:20pm - Omdia Display | Micro LED Display Market and Technology
01:40pm - EPISTAR Corporation (A Member of Ennostar) | The way from mini- to micro-LED display
02:00pm - SUSTech | (TBC) - Benchmarking all microLED technologies for AR/VR applications
02.20pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking

02:45pm - ASM Pacific (Hong Kong) | Pick-and-Place and transfer technologies for Mini- and Micro- LEDs
03:00pm - Coherent | Lasers are a Key Enabling Manufacturing Technology for MicroLED Displays
03:15pm - Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology | INSPIRE: InP on SiN photonic integrated circuits realized through wafer-scale micro-transfer printing
03:30pm - TNO at Holst Centre | Laser-Assisted High-throughput microLED Assembly
03:45pm - CEA | Key challenges for hybridizing GaN microleds and CMOS circuits
04:00pm - ALLOS Semiconductors | Development of GaN uLEDs on 300mm Si wafers
04.15pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking

04:40pm - VueReal | (TBC) - Large-Area High-Yield Printing of uLED Arrays
04:55pm - Luxnour | The Manufacturability Attributes of the Electromagnetic Pattern-Sensitive Head Technology for Massive Parallel Transfer of Micro-LEDs
05:10pm - MICLEDI microdisplays | MicroLED display integration on 300mm Advanced CMOS platform
05:25pm - XTPL | (TBC)- Sub-micron digital printing for microLED microbumps and repair
05:40pm - Morphotonics | (TBC)- R2R Nanoimprinting for Microlens Arrays on microLEDs
06.05pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking

06:20pm - Yole Intelligence | Trends in miniLED technologies, market and supply chain
06:35pm - SmartKem | (TBC) - Organic TFT backplanes for driving large-area mini-LED displays
06:50pm - Terecircuits | The Path to Lowest Cost of Ownership for MicroLED Display Manufacturing
07:05pm - NS Nanotech | Nanowire LEDs for Microdisplays
07:20pm - UC Santa Barbara | Developments in High Efficiency Ultra-Small Micro-LEDs Based on III-Nitrides
07.35pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking - Day 1 ends


1 December

12:40pm - QustomDot | Cd-free Quantum Dot Color Converters for MicroLED Applications

01:00pm - Sharp | High resolution 3600ppi full color Silicon Display for AR glasses and HMD
01:20pm - PlayNitride | (TBC)- Development and Manufacturing of microLED displays of different sizes
01:40pm - Taiwan Nanocrystals | The Pixel Aspect Ratio Matters – on the Selection of QDCC Materials for Full-Color MicroLED Applications
02:00pm - Saphlux | NPQD Color Converted Micro-LED
02.20pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking

02:45pm - Enjet | (TBC) - EHD Multihead Digital Printing of QDs for uLED color conversation
03:00pm - HsinLight and NTHU QLabs | The Progress of Advanced QD Technology in Next Generation Display
03:15pm - Atotech | How autocatalytic tin plating can create new opportunities for µ-LED application
03:30pm - Avantama AG | Avantama perovskite QDs for miniLED backlights and microLED displays
03:45pm - Scrona | A digital printing technology with the power to reinvent semiconductor and display production
04:00pm - Fraunhofer IAP | QD materials and printing technologies for color converter
04.15pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking

04:40pm - NanoSys | uLEDs and QD colour conversation technology and progress
04:55pm - 3D-Micromac | Laser technologies for the production of microLEDs
5:10pm - Quantum Solutions | Quantum Dots for short-wave infrared image sensors
05:25pm - STMicroelectronics | Colloidal Quantum Dot Image Sensor Technology
05:40pm - Quantum Science | Lead and lead-free quantum dot inks simplify solution processing for SWIR photodetectors
05:55pm - QDI Systems | PbS Quantum Dots for Direct Conversion X-ray Imaging Applications
06.10pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking

06:35pm - Palomaki Consulting | A peek inside QD-enabled displays
06:50pm - National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University | (TBC)- Technologies towards ultra-efficient ultra-small red GaN micro-LED
07:05pm - Komori Corp | Micro bumps by gravure offset printing method
07:20pm - KIMM | Stretchable Micro-LED Display without Image Distortion
07.35pm - Meet The Speakers/Networking - Day 2 Ends

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