Seoul Semiconductor unveils new vertically-stacked WICOP microLED prototypes at Display Week 2023

During Display Week 2023, Seoul Semiconductor demonstrated new prototype display modules that use its WICOP microPixel technology. WICOP Pixel is a full-color one-chip vertically-stacked microLED technology that does not require wire bonding, packaging, or lens, and enables easier microLED display production.

Seoul Semi updates that its latest WICOP Pixels reach a brightness of 10,000 nits (up from 4,000 in its previous generation technology).


Seoul Semi is working on four WICOP pixel types. The first-gen MC04 is aimed towards large-area displays, and is now ready for commercialization.

The MC02 uses smaller chips, and will be ready by the end of 2024, targeting automotive and transparent display applications. The MC01 generation, which will be ready by the end of 2025, targets wearable smartphone displays, with even smaller pixels.

Finally, the MC001 uses microLED chips that are 1-10 micron in size, targeting VR and AR microdisplay applications.

At Display Week, the company demonstrated two modules based on the MC02 WICOP technology. The first one offered a pixel pitch of 0.9375 mm, which means that a 4K display will be 163" in size. The prototype panel was 13.6" in size, and offered a brightness of 3000 nits.

The second panel, also based on the MC02 version, offers a smaller pixel pitch - 0.625 mm, which means that a 4K display will be 108-inch size. The prototype display was 14.8" in size.

Posted: Jun 01,2023 by Ron Mertens