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MicroLED displays use ultrafine LED devices to create beautiful, flexible and highly bright and efficient displays.

Recent Micro-LED News

MicroLED Industry Association members share their collective views on the microLED industry’s direction and goals

The MicroLED Industry Association released a new internal market note, detailing its member views on the current goals and direction the industry should take. The market note includes analysis into the current industry situation, future projections and display segmentation based on members’ opinions, and also includes a market/industry sentiment review.

Following Apple’s decision to cancel its main microLED wearable display project, many in  the industry feel that there is a strong need for the microLED industry to align its strategy to make sure the industry moves in the right direction and manages to achieve a successful market introduction of microLED display technologies.

As you can see in the graph above, most microLED association members believe that the first goal of the industry should be to target niche applications, as it is highly challenging to target the display industry’s main segments (TVs, smartphones, wearables and IT devices). Targeting niche applications may be easier as the volume requirements are lower, the price pressure may be lower and such applications could benefit from the performance gains enables by microLED displays. 

Read the full story Posted: Jun 11,2024

Samsung launches 89-inch and 101-inch microLED TVs

Samsung Electronics launched two new MicroLED TVs, in sizes 89-inch and 101-inch. Samsung's "consumer" microLED TV range now includes 89", 101", 110” and 114" sizes.

The price of the 89-inch model is $110,000, and the 101-inch model costs $130,000. Samsung's largest consumer MicroLED TV costs $150,000 at 114-inches.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 06,2024

Driving Innovation: The Transformative Potential of MicroLEDs in Automotive Displays

The MicroLED Industry Association published today a new white paper, that is focused on microLED automotive displays.

One of the key markets for microLED developers is the automotive market, as microLED displays provide strong benefits over existing technologies, and the luxury automotive segment makes it possible to adopt next generation display technologies even at low volume and relatively high prices.

This white paper focuses on the automotive industry, explains the need for next-generation displays, and details the latest automotive display prototypes and technologies. The white paper also includes a discussion OLED technology challenges, the opportunities for microLED developers and a detailed look into the different display types used in the automotive industry.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 06,2024

Trendforce sees $580 million in annual microLED chip sales by 2028

Trendforce estimates that the microLED market is set for fast growth in the near future, as companies continue to invest in large display applications, wearable products (mainly AUO) and AR and automotive applications. Trendforce says that microLED chip sales will increase from around $62 million in 2024 to $580 million by 2028 (a CAGR of 84% from 2023 to 2028).

Trendforce acknowledges that the inability to reduce costs and technical challenges are major factors behind the cancellation of Apple’s Micro LED watch project, and so continuous optimization of production processes remains critical for the development of the Micro LED industry. 

Read the full story Posted: Jun 04,2024

HC Semitek installs the production equipment at its 6-inch microLED epiwafer fab in Jinwan

In August 2023, China-based HC Semitek started building its microLED epiwafer production line in Jinwan District, Zhuhai, China. The first phase of the $700 million microLED fab is expected to enter production by the end of 2024.

HC Semitek announced a few days ago that it has moved in and installed the production equipment in its new line. The company says it is on track to produce the first sample wafers in Q3 2024, and mass production is expected by the end of the year. The investment in the first phase will total $275 million USD.

Read the full story Posted: May 31,2024

Displayweek 2024 - microLED summary

The display industry's top conference, SID DisplayWeek 2024, took place two weeks ago in San Jose, California. This was an interesting event, and fruitful, and a good chance to see almost the entire industry in the same location. While LCDs and OLEDs dominate the current market, it seems as if most companies still believe microLEDs are the most promising next-generation display technology, and we saw many new prototypes and demonstrations. QD-EL displays seem to be progressing as well. Here's a list of all our articles from SID:

We hope this coverage will be useful. We shared several videos from the event - you can view them all here

Read the full story Posted: May 30,2024

Tianma shows its latest MicroLEDs prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Tianma shows several MicroLEDs prototypes at Displayweek 2024, including automotive displays, transparent displays, and wearable ones.

The first display was an automotive, a transparent 8.07-inch octagon-shaped display aimed towards digital side mirror applications (to be placed inside the vehicle). The display offers a transparency of 55%, a resolution of 608x1204 (167 PPI) and a brightness of 1,500 nits.

Read the full story Posted: May 29,2024

Innolux shows new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Innolux showed several new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024, as it focuses on microLEDs as its next-generation display solution.

First, the company showcased a large 106" tiled microLED TV display, build from 96 12.3" modules. The display uses 20x40 um blue microLED chips (with QD color conversion) and an LTPS backplane.

Read the full story Posted: May 28,2024

Visionox-Vistar shows its latest microLED prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Visionox showed a large 88-inch tiled microLED display, with a pixel pitch of 0.5 mm, based on 25 micron LEDs and an LTPS backplane. The display feature low (<5%) reflectance and a brightness of up to 1,200 nits.

Vistar also showed a 14.5" panel, a single module that is used to build the 88-inch TV. Visionox says that it developed a dedicated microLED driver IC, that enables 10-bit color depth and "True Color" presentation. Vistar says that it reaches production yields of 99.995% in its mass transfer process, and a repair process that enables perfect displays.

Read the full story Posted: May 27,2024

MicroLED-Info's custom private seminars, elevate your microLED industry knowledge

MicroLED-Info offers custom-tailored seminars for companies interested in deepening their team's understanding of various MicroLED-related topics, training new personnel, assessing the relevance of a certain field for their company or simply honing their employees' MicroLED skills.

These seminars are built specifically according to the customer's needs and requests and take place online. Employees from around the world can join the meeting to learn, ask questions and discuss issues which are relevant to their interests. Such seminars have already had great success among past customers. Here's what a recent company, a world-leading materials and components manufacturer, had to say about the service:

"We recently had the pleasure of engaging with MicroLED-info for a professional training session on MicroLED technology. Their private seminar was not only detailed and knowledgeable but also incredibly insightful, providing us with a comprehensive overview of the technology and its marketplace. The depth of information extended to the supply chain, enabling our team to swiftly grasp the critical aspects necessary for strategic decision-making.

Read the full story Posted: May 27,2024