MicroLED displays are very attractive for automotive applications, as they enable thin, highly efficient, bright, flexible and long-lasting displays. The automotive market is capable of adopting premium display technologies, and so is one of the key target markets for many microLED displays developers.

Continental Swarovski CrystalCenter Display prototype

Many companies have demonstrated automotive microLED display prototypes over the past years - for example AUO in 2023 showed a 16.1" automotive transparent microLED that is a 'blended' display - one that is hidden into the dashboard when not in use. In early 2024, the company showed a transparent microLED automotive display that is embedded inside windows. In 2024, Innolux also unveiled a new microLED automotive display prototype - in fact a complete instrument cluster display made from microLED panels. Continental demonstrated a 10" microLED display embedded inside a crystal housing, developed in collaboration with Swarovski.

MicroLED automotive displays are highly promising - but it is likely to take years before the technology would reach actual production. 

The latest automotive microLED news:

VueReal doubles its microLED production capacity as it enters the consumer market with customizable production

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced that it plans to double its microLED manufacturing space. VueReal says that its upgraded and expanded facilities serve as both a production center for its customers and also as a blueprint for its partners to build their own fabs.

VueReal is currently offering microLED display production for the automotive market, and it is now also entering the consumer market, targeting wearable devices, TVs, IT applications, and AR products with its MicroSolid Printing platform. 

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A spotlight on Instrument Systems: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Tobias Steinel Ph.D., works as a product manager at Instrument Systems GmbH, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Germany based Instrument Systems manufacturers high-precision spectrometers, complex systems and software solutions for spectral light measurements.

Tobias is responsible for Instrument Systems’ measurement portfolio in the field of microLED optical testing and AR/VR/MR applications.

Can you please introduce your company and technology? 

With facilities in Munich and Berlin, Germany, Instrument Systems develops and produces high-end light measurement technology for flat panel displays, micro-displays, near-to-eye displays, automotive lighting, VCSEL systems and LED/SSL modules. Our color and light measurement solutions are used in display production sites worldwide. In addition to the manufacture of measuring equipment, our core competence is that our accredited test laboratory guarantees independent, reliable and comparable measurement results for every measuring device purchased. These can be traced back directly to the reference standards of national metrology institutes.

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Driving Innovation: The Transformative Potential of MicroLEDs in Automotive Displays

The MicroLED Industry Association published today a new white paper, that is focused on microLED automotive displays.

One of the key markets for microLED developers is the automotive market, as microLED displays provide strong benefits over existing technologies, and the luxury automotive segment makes it possible to adopt next generation display technologies even at low volume and relatively high prices.

This white paper focuses on the automotive industry, explains the need for next-generation displays, and details the latest automotive display prototypes and technologies. The white paper also includes a discussion OLED technology challenges, the opportunities for microLED developers and a detailed look into the different display types used in the automotive industry.

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Tianma shows its latest MicroLEDs prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Tianma shows several MicroLEDs prototypes at Displayweek 2024, including automotive displays, transparent displays, and wearable ones.

The first display was an automotive, a transparent 8.07-inch octagon-shaped display aimed towards digital side mirror applications (to be placed inside the vehicle). The display offers a transparency of 55%, a resolution of 608x1204 (167 PPI) and a brightness of 1,500 nits.

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Innolux shows new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Innolux showed several new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024, as it focuses on microLEDs as its next-generation display solution.

First, the company showcased a large 106" tiled microLED TV display, build from 96 12.3" modules. The display uses 20x40 um blue microLED chips (with QD color conversion) and an LTPS backplane.

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AUO shows its latest microLED displays at Displayweek 2024

AUO had an impressive booth at Displayweek, showing some of its latest microLED prototypes. It is clear that the company is highly focused on microLED technology as its next-gen display strategy.

First up, with a 31" large area single-panel microLED, which AUO says is the world's largest. The display is produced on a single glass LTPS backplane, and offers 120Hz and a brightness of 500 nits. AUO calls this a Large Size A.R.T. MicroLED display.

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AUO shows microLED display prototypes at Touch Taiwan 2024

Last week during Touch Taiwan 2024, AUO demonstrated several new (and not new) microLED display prototypes. The company released this short video showing the displays in action:

AUO showed its large-area (60") microLED displays, its automotive microLED solutions (including transparent automotive displays), a 30" real-depth 3D microLED display for entertainment applications, medical-grade displays and a 31" microLED display that is a single panel (not a tiled display) - which AUO says is the world largest.

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VueReal and Continental to collaborate on automotive microLED displays

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced a partnership with automotive supplier Continental to showcase innovative automotive display designs based on VueReal's microLED technology.

VueReal did not say much about this joint project with Continental, but it is likely that Continental will develop and demonstrate microLED-based automotive displays based using displays provided by VueReal. In January 2024 Continental demonstrated its first microLED automotive display prototype, the CrystalCenter Display which is based on a 10" microLED display, but we do not know whether it was supplied by VueReal or a different microLED developer.

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