Samsung shows a transparent microLED display prototype

Samsung Electronics is demonstrating its first transparent microLED display, showing how it compares to transparent OLEDs and LCDs:

As the aperture ratio of microLED displays is much higher than that of OLED displays or LCDs, it is able to achieve a much higher transparency. 


It is likely that Samsung's new transparent MicroLED display is a prototype display, we do not expect this technology to be commercialized in the near future. We have seen transparent microLED displays from other companies in the past (from AUO, PlayNitride, Tianma, and others) but the technology needs to mature - and finding applications for such displays is still a major challenge. 

Last week VueReal announced that it has developed and started shipping high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its customers. This is low volume production, but still one of the first commercial microLED applications.

Posted: Jan 09,2024 by Ron Mertens