PlayNitride to build a microLED production line for AUO, in a $21 million deal

AU Optronics announced an agreement with PlayNitride, to build a 6-inch microLED production line at AUO's Longtan factory. AUO will pay PlayNitride NT$700 million (around $21.5 million USD) for this new line.

AUO 1.39-inch 338 PPI MicroLED display, (Touch Taiwan 2021)

AUO says that the new line will utilize PlayNitride's Chip-on-Carrier (COC) technology, that produces the microLEDs on temporary substrates ready for the transfer process. This will enable AUO to more easily realize the production of display panels based on these microLEDs. AUO says that this new line will also enable it to reduce microLED production costs. 


Earlier today we reported that AUO announced its plans to invest further in its microLED technologies, and re-iterated its plans to mass produce microLED smartwatch displays by the end of 2023. It'll be interesting to know whether PlayNitride's new line will be used to produce the microLEDs for these displays. You can read more about AUO's microLED wearable display project here.

AUO and PlayNitride started their microLED collaboration several years ago. In 2020, the two companies demonstrated a a 9.4" 228 PPI flexible microLED display, jointly developed.

AUO and PlayNitride 9.4-inch 228 PPI flexible micro LED display prototype photo

In 2021, AUO first demonstrated its 1.39" 472x472 (338 PPI) full-circle microLED display, developed together with PlayNitride.

Posted: Nov 01,2023 by Ron Mertens


Andrew Dempsey (not verified)

Hey Ron, thanks for sharing this article, very interesting. I'm wondering if we know if AUO or PlayNitride will control production from this new line. I assume AUO will since it's going in their Fab. Also wondering if there's any report on the number of substrates this new line will be able to handle. AUO is running out of time to make their 2023 goal...

Mon, 11/06/2023 - 15:43 Permalink
Ron Mertens

Thanks Andrew. Yes this is interesting, and I agree - it sounds like this is going to be an AUO fab. If the numbers are correct, it's likely the total capacity will not be large. Hopefully we'll learn more with time!

Mon, 11/06/2023 - 15:48 Permalink