The MicroLED Association reports over 6,000 downloads of its white papers and presentations

The MicroLED Industry Association has announced that in less than 18 months, there have been over 6,000 downloads of its white papers, roadmap and library documents.

MicroLED Library covers

The MicroLED Association has published four white papers, and towards the end of 2023 it published its first industry roadmap. The display industry is highly interested in microLED solutions, and this has created much interest in the Association’s papers, as evident by the large number of downloads.

In addition to its own white papers, a year ago the MicroLED Industry Association launched the MicroLED Library, an extensive compilation of MicroLED presentations, white papers, brochures and more. A year after the MicroLED Library was announced, the association reports over 1,000 downloads for the documents in the library, further enhancing the reach of its members and helping to educate display professionals with the latest microLED technologies, processes and topics.



MicroLED Association - three white papers

The MicroLED Industry Association four white papers are focused on microLED production yields, tiled displays, monolithic integration of microLED microdisplays and an LED cost analysis for smartwatch displays. You can access
these white papers here.

The 2024 MicroLED Roadmap covers the latest microLED technology trends, details the MicroLED Association’s roadmap and projections for the future of the microLED industry and market, by application segments. The summary edition can be downloaded here (the full edition is available to members only).

MicroLED Association - microLED roadmap 2023-12

The MicroLED Library curates content from various companies (including GE, Terecircuits, Radiant Vision Systems, CEA-Leti, eLux and more), some of which is available in several languages. The MicroLED Library is public and free for everyone to use (some of the content, though, is open to Association members only) and it is continuously being updated with new content in order to remain a valuable resource for MicroLED information. You can access the MicroLED Library here!

Posted: May 06,2024 by Ron Mertens