Canada-based microLED technology developer VueReal announced a partnership with ASM Pacific Technologies (ASMPT) to integrate VueReal's cartridge microLED mass transfer solution into ASMPT's mass transfer bonding solution for microLED display applications.

Vuereal says that this new partnership will allow its customers to achieve 99.99+% transfer yields on LED's smaller than 10 micrometers.

VueReal's Continuous Pixelation micro-printing technology reportedly offers high density displays, high production yields and a simple design. The technology is based on loading microLEDs to cartridges and then the printing of the microLEDs from the cartridges to the final substrate.

In February we posted an interview with VueReal's CEO. On December 2020 the company announced that its patented flipchip structure demonstrated higher yields and lower costs compared to standard vertical LED process.

In May 2019 VueReal announced a 30,000 PPI, 100k nits MicroLED microdisplay. In 2018 VueReal closed its $10.5 million Series A funding round.