PlayNitride hopes to go public in Q3 2022, will be break even by the end of 2023

PlayNitride is planning for an IPO, and if all goes according to plan, the company will issue new shares and will start trading at the newly launched Taiwan Stock Exchange Innovation Board in Q3 2022.

PlayNitride SID Displayweek 2022 booth and 132-inch microLED tiled display

PlayNitride's CEO recently participated in an investor conference, during which he said that the company aims to be break-even (on a monthly basis) by the end of 2023, and to turn a profit in 2024.

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Tianma to build a $164 million full-process pilot microLED production line in Xiamen

Tianma announced plans to establish a 1.1 billion Yuan ($164 million USD) full-process microLED pilot line, in Xiamen. This line will be built by a joint venture between Tianma display, Xiangtou Group and Torch Investment.

In 2021 Tianma held its first "2021 Micro-LED Ecosystem Alliance Conference" in Xiamen, During the conference, the company unveiled several microLED prototype displays, including a 9.38" 960x480 transparent LTPS panel, a 7.56" 720x480 flexible LTPS panel, a 11.6" 2470x960 rigid LTPS display and a tiled microLED display, made from 5.04" 480x320 panels.

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JBD is building a $92 million microLED microdisplay fab in Hefei, China

China-based MicroLED microdisplay developer Jade Bird Display is building a 650 million Yuan ($92 million USD) display production line in Hefei, China. The construction of the building is already at a final stage.

JBD production line in Hefei (Render)

It is estimated that JBD will be able to annually produce around 120 million panels in this fab. The company's current main product is a 0.13" VGA panel, so it is likely that JBD is referring to 120 million 0.13" panels.

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Korea launches a $14.8 million project to support the local microLED industry

The Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is funding a new five-year project that aims to develop microLED display technologies in Korea, to support research at small and medium-sized enterprises and providing services for the industry such as consulting, patent development, and product commercialization strategy programs.

There are four participating organizations in the new project: Electronic Display Industrial Research Association of Korea, Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, and Korea Automotive Technology Institute. The total project's budget is 18.3 billion Won ($14.8 million USD).

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Aledia closes a $30 million financing line from Trinity Capital

Trinity Capital announced that it has closed $30 million equipment financing line for Aledia, which will use the funds to expand its microLED nanowire growth manufacturing facility, and accelerate its product platform and R&D.

Aledia microLED produced on 300mm silicon at CEA-Leti

Aledia announced in 2020 that it plans to establish a 140 million euros LED production fab in Champagnier, near Grenoble in France. The company already raised 80 million Euros towards that goal, and the new funds announced will add to that.

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Inziv raises $10 million in its Series-A funding round

Israel-based display characterization and inspection equipment maker InZiv raised $10 million in its Series A1 round, led by Singapore-based VC BlueRed Partners

Inziv microLED inspection system photo (2022)

InZiv says it will use the capital to accelerate its product development of fast EL and PL automated solutions, make strategic company appointments, and expand its global presence.

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VueReal raises $14.4 million in its Series B funding round

MicroLED developer VueReal announced that it has raised $14.4 million in its latest (series B) funding round, led by Cycle Capital VC and joined by TDK, Vitro, Economic Development Canada and BDC Capital. VueReal says it will use the funds to enhance its production facility, expand the team, and gain new customers.

VueReal says that the new financing round will also enable it to offer a broader range of custom display products, for AR, smartwatches, smartphones, automotive, signage and transparent displays. Last year VueReal demonstrated high-brightness and high-transmittance transparent microLED displays which it is now offering to customers.

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Porotech raises $20 million to bring its native red InGaN LED technology to market

Porous-GaN material platform developer Porotech announced that it has raised $20 million in its Series A investment funding round. The new funds Will help Porotech mass produce its microLED products,and expand its global reach. The round has been led by Ameba Capital and includes a "multinational electronics giant".

In 2021 Porotech announced it has created the world's first microLED microdisplay based on a native red InGaN LED. The microdisplay was a 0.55" diagonal panel with a resolution of 960x540 Porotech says that its native InGaN red LEDs will offer higher efficiency than currently-used AlInGaP red LEDs. Developing an RGB microdisplay all from InGaN chips will also offer easier driving and process design.

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