STAr Unicorn LAIT Series Mini- and Micro-LED Test System

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The testing requirements for small pitch Mini- and Micro- LEDs are increasing in response to the growth of new LED displays. STAr Technologies’ Unicorn-LAIT series test systems, the advanced high throughput testers, integrate probe station, parallel test instruments, and probe card to meet the mass production needs for Micro-LED and Mini-LED testing.

STAr Unicorn LAIT Mini- and Micro-LED Test System photo

STAr Unicorn-LAIT Mini- and Micro-LED Test System

STAr Unicorn-LAIT series is equipped with EMI shielded chamber for high-speed LED testing in an ultra-low noise environment. Magic-A200e probe station allows alignment of up to 6-inch wafers and automatic test probing with Multi-DUT LED probe cards. The closed-loop XYZ stages and coaxial microscopes provide the best accuracy in multi-LED stepping and high-resolution scanning and probing. In addition, the porous ceramic chuck (with auxiliary chucks) enables cleaning and contact-check to enhance LED test performance and dependable results.

Based on STAr Taurus-LPX high-throughput parametric measurement units (PMUs). The Unicorn-LAIT’s parallel test capacity ranges from 40 to a maximum of 240 LEDs, and with configurable current range per module with a maximum of 5 modules (48 channels per module.) Furthermore, with FPGA firmware control and high-speed ADC, Taurus-LPX can execute high-speed parallel tests to ensure the highest test throughput with good accuracy and repeatability.

 STAr Aries μLED Multi-DUT Test Probe Card photo

STAr Aries μLED Multi-DUT Test Probe Card

Additionally, the STAr Aries μLED probe card is a long-life, Multi-DUT LED test probe card and can perform single touchdowns with 96 probes. The STAr Aries μLED probe card can be optionally configured with a compressed dry air feed (CDA) to clear probing debris and wafer particles. Furthermore, the LED tests can be configured for different requirements such as VF, IF, etc., while a special voltage probe can be configured for ESD testing

“Unicorn-LAIT series is an advanced integrated tester for cost-effective Micro-LED mass production and truly meets the test requirement for Mini-LED and Micro-LED. Due to the efficient system architecture, STAr Unicorn-LAIT probing solution is suitable for both LED component and optical devices manufacturer and reduces the test cost for customers,” said Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies.

Posted: Nov 10,2021 by Ron Mertens