Sony is set to install the world's largest micro-LED display - 16K (15360x3840) 19.2 x 5.4 meters "CLEDIS" panel that was installed at Shiseido new research center in Yokohama, Japan.

Sony 16K 5x19 meter Cledis microled display at Shiseido, Yokohama photo

Sony is also creating its own 16K content specifically for this display, using a method it call “demosaicing” to create “quad ultra-high definition” footage.

Sony's Crystal-LED (CLEDIS) displays are made from tiled 320 x 360 modules (403 x 453 mm in size). These are bulky modules, each 10Kg in weight and 100 mm thick. The tiled displays are completely seamless.



the size is not true.

it's 16K x 4K. check my source in Japanese:

Agree, I updated the post,

Agree, I updated the post, thank you!