Samsung Electronics says it will push forward with its two-track strategy for the premium TV market - utilizing both quantum-dots enhanced LCDs (QLEDs) and Micro-LED TVs. Samsung Visual Display Business VP, Han Jong-hee, says that Samsung will start selling its Wall Micro-LED TV in August 2018.

Samsung demonstrated its Micro-LED "The Wall" display again at ISE 2018 earlier this month. Thank you Dotan from for the video.

Samsung made these comments following reports that it is developing a new hybrid Quantum-Dots OLED technology for its future TVs. Han denies these rumors.

Last month Samsung announced its first Micro-LED TV, the 146" modular "The Wall". Samsung is said to be looking at several alternatives for its micro-LED TV project, one of which is to acquire Taiwan-based PlayNitride- a deal that was already reported in April 2017 but is reportedly progressing. Samsung also announced a strategic long-term partnership with China's China's largest LED producer San'an Optroelectronics to co-develop Micro-LED displays.