Samsung to install a virtual MicroLED Wall studio at CJ ENM's new Seoul location

Samsung electronics announced a new partnership with CJ ENM, to install a large microLED The Wall display at CJ ENM's studio which will enable a 'virtual production studio'.

Samsung The Wall microLED display at CJ ENM studio

The main display in the new studio will be a 20-meter diameter oval-shaped The Wall microLED displays, with a height of seven meters. The idea is that this will create a "seemingly endless backdrop to capture content."

Samsung says that the modular nature of the new display will enable the ad-hoc creation of design environments - for example moving some of the tiles to the ceiling, creating a convex or concave design. Whatever the internal studio designs requires.

Samsung's latest microLED displays feature up to 16K resolution with sizes up to 1,000 inches. Samsung introduced new frame rates options, such as 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94Hz which will ensure seamless videos sync with the most widely used camera framerates.

Posted: Jul 28,2021 by Ron Mertens