Samsung Electronics said to mull a microLED TV mass production investment in 2020

According to ETNews, Samsung Electronics is considering to start investing in a microLED TV production facility and equipment in the first half of 2020. ETNews says that Samsung did not yet decide on the investment amount or its production output goals - but microLED equipment makers are hoping for Samsung's orders.

Samsung The Wall Luxury photo

If Samsung will indeed start to invest in microLED production in earnest, this will quite a surprise as microLED production costs are still very high and it is unlikely that prices will drop enough in the near future to appeal to the consumer market. There are also technical challenges yet to overcome.

It is important to note that Samsung faced a similar decision when it launched its smartphone AMOLED production project many years before its competition - and at a stage when OLEDs were not mature enough. This courageous decision resulted in Samsung's clear leadership in the AMOLED industry and great profits for the company.

Samsung is currently offering the "consumer microLED "The wall Luxury" displays - based on tiled 960x540 modules that use 0.84 mm microLED pixels. The Wall Luxury is configurable and customizable to a variety of sizes and ratios from 73-inches in 2K definition, 146-inches in 4K, to 292-inches in 8K. This technology is not really suitable even for the premium TV market as prices are still extremely high.

Samsung The Wall Luxury - IW008R

Posted: Dec 18,2019 by Ron Mertens