Samsung already announced that it plans to ship its first Micro-LED TV, the 146" modular Wall TV, in August 2018, and today the company says it will reveal the prices of these TVs in June 2018. Prices are expected to over >$100,000 for the 146" model.

Samsung's Visual Display Business VP, Han Jong-hee, also revealed that the company has an R&D project that aims to use quantum-dots in Micro-LED arrays. The basic idea is to convert blue micro-LEDs to white light, which will enable easier production processes as the whole TV will use a single LED color.

Han Jong-hee also says that while the company has an active QD-OLED R&D project, it has no plans to release an OLED TV any time soon, and it is sticking with its two-track strategy for premium TVs - namely quantum dots LCDs and Micro-LEDs.